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Win customers' hearts, minds and loyalty with the revolutionary Take Back Bag
The Trashie Take Back Bag | Get Cash for Your Trash

Take Back Bag
Partnership Benefits


Give your customers a reason to feel good and come back to you again and again


The TBB makes sustainability as easy and no fuss as an online return


Give customers increased purchasing power and watch LTV soar

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Trashie | The Best Clothing Recycling & Rewards PlatformTrashie | The Best Clothing Recycling & Rewards Platform

Customer Experience

Get a first-hand look at how customers experience the Take Back Bag

Become a partner
Become a partner

"Internet Famous" TBB

Making sustainability fun and profitable

Zero operational lift

We make Take Back Bag Partnerships quick and convenient. No messy set-ups.

Increase customers' LTV

The Take Back Bag drives loyalty and gives customers increased spending power.


Simply add the Take Back Bag as a SKU to your retail mix and watch them fly off the shelves

Meet sustainability

The Take Back Bag gives your business sustainability and impact right out of the box

Hundreds of thousands trust the Take Back Bag as the easiest way to responsibly clean out their closets while earning high-value cash back rewards.

The best part: whenever your customers register their take back bag, they get credit to come back and shop with you!


Q: Can I brand the take back bag?
Yes! The outer envelope can be branded with gorgeous, fully customizable labels.
Q: Can I see redemption?
Of course! When customers scan the code on one of your bags, they'll log in to your custom portal, and you’ll get the stats.
Q: How do I report on the environmental impact of the program?
You'll get access to download your brand's stats on bag redemptions, as well as overall program impact.