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Recycle clothes like an online return. Get $30 in TrashieCash™ for rewards from your favorite brands.

The Trashie Take Back Bag | Get Cash for Your Trash

The Take Back Bag

A step-by-step for how to effortlessly recycle your clothes.

Step 1

Buy it

Purchase a Take Back Bag at 6-Packs ship for FREE! Your closet is about to get a serious glow-up.

The Trashie Take Back Bag | Get Cash for Your Trash
Step 2

Clean out your closet

Fill your Take Back Bag with all your unwanted clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, socks, bags and undies (yes even undies!) from any brand in any condition - just make sure it's all clean.

Step 3

Scan and ship

Scan the QR code on the bag to register your Take Back Bag and get your pre-paid shipping label. Drop it off at any USPS location and voila!

A happy Trashie customer holding up his Take Back Bag.


We all do.

85% of clothing ends up in landfills – even donations. But together we can make an impact on the global problem of clothing waste. The Take Back Bag makes it easy, fun and rewarding for everyone to do better.




Take Back Bag FAQ's

The worlds most convenient way to recycle clothing and spark joy!

What is the Take Back Bag?

The Take Back Bag powered by Trashie is world’s most convenient way to recycle old clothing and textiles. Simply buy the bag, fill it with up to 15 lbs of your unwanted clothing, and send it back to us to be sorted and recycled. You'll get $30 in TrashieCash™ per bag to spend on rewards from your favorite brands.

How Does It Work?

When you receive your Take Back Bag, simply fill it with up to 15 lbs of your old clothing and textiles, including items that are worn out or damaged. Then, use the pre-paid shipping label to send it back like an online return and you'll receive $30 TrashieCash™ to spend on rewards from brands you love at Once we receive the bag, we sort, grade and process the materials for recycling, upcycling, or reusing, ensuring minimal waste.

What Can I Put in the Take Back Bag?

You can include any clothing or textiles, regardless of their condition or brand - Women's, Men's or Kids', we take it all. This includes coats, jeans with holes, hats and other accessories, socks, swimwear, underwear, shoes, bags, sheets and towels. Just make sure it's all clean! We are committed to rewarding you for keeping your old clothes out of the trash.

How Much Does It Cost?

Buy a Take Back Bag for $20. We include all of the reverse shipping and recycling services. No muss, no fuss. We make it easier than an online return.

Where Can I Get One?

You can buy the Take Back Bag at You can also get a Rainbow 3-Pack with Free Shipping, a Double Rainbow Deal which includes 6 bags for the price of 5 also with Free Shipping, or our Cotton Fabric Scrap Take Back Bag for crafters.

What is the Impact of Each Take Back Bag?

Each Take Back Bag boasts some pretty impressive statistics:

  • Saves 15 pounds of landfill waste.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 151 units from the atmosphere.
  • Conserves 1,596 gallons of fresh water.

We are always working to refine our impact measurements so that we can track the progress of the Trashie community.

What happens to my stuff?

We’re committed to finding the next, highest use for your old products. Clothing sent back to us is sorted and processed into over 250 grades and over 90% of it is kept out of landfill. Some items are cleaned and re-sold globally, some are fiber-to-fiber recycled, some fibers are sorted for larger recycling programs, and the rest is down-cycled for various applications like stuffing for punching bags and dog beds as well as fortifying building materials. Our goal is to minimize textile waste and maximize the reuse of resources.

Can I Recycle Non-Clothing Textiles in The Take Back Bag?

Yes, you can include non-clothing textiles such as bed linens and towels in The Take Back Bag. We aim to recycle and repurpose a wide range of textiles to reduce waste.

How can I manage my Take Back Bag subscription?

In order to manage a Take Back Bag subscription, please go to

Still have questions?

Get in touch and we’ll help get you the answers you need.


Why customers love cleaning out  their closets with The Take Back Bag

“Love the Take Back Bag! This will be my third one. It fits a large amount of textiles, so I can really pack it in with all the items that I can no longer donate.”

Michelle W
Verified Buyer

“I got my first bag, stuffed it full of worn out t-shirts, printed the shipping label, and dropped it off at the post office. It was so easy, I ordered 2 more bags. I used my closet cash to get Zero Waste laundry sheets. They work great. Everything should be this easy peasy.”

Verified Buyer

“What a delightfully easy way to recycle. I was getting a little weary of donating my clothes at the local thrift shop, watching them dumped into heaps and heaps of other donations.”

Jacqueline C
Verified Buyer